Proper Steps To Cleaning Your Air Purifier Filters

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Buying yourself an air purifier isn’t the end of the road when it comes to guaranteeing a clean, safe, and healthy air supply for your home. There’s a bit of maintenance to be taken care of, mainly in the regular cleaning and eventual replacement of your filter unit. Luckily, air purifier filters are designed to be quickly and easily taken care of.

Here’s a quick rundown of exactly what you’ll need to do to maintain the air quality of your home:

Take Care of the External Pre-Filters

Most air cleaning units will have permanent pre-filters that are designed to catch any large debris and impurities such as hairs, dust bunnies, and fibers in the air. Here, you only need to use a cloth dampened with warm water to swab away the unwanted material.

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Take Off the Air Filter Cover

Most user-friendly air purifiers will have easily-opened tabs somewhere on their backs. Should your unit be a larger model, you might need a screwdriver to get at the internal components. Make sure you will have disconnected the unit before opening it up to prevent any accidents. At any rate, any trouble you have here should be resolved with a quick look at the manufacturer’s manual. or online.

Remove the Filter Itself

Filters that have been in use for a while will tend to have a lot of nasty stuff on them, so it’s advisable that you be careful with them. Don’t handle them more than you have to and keep a plastic bag handy to put the dirty filter into so that you minimize the chances of any dirt and contaminants getting back into your air supply.

This old filter should be responsibly disposed of, especially if it is made of potentially dangerous or recyclable materials such as plastic or glass.

Fit In The New Filter

Air purifier filters are designed to be easily fitted into the unit, and will usually have arrows, writing, or other indicators that show exactly which direction they should face, the direction the should be fitted in, and any other directions to make their successful installation possible.

Put Back The Cover and Test Your Purifier

With the filter snugly in place, all that’s left for you to do is put back the exterior cover, whether using the snap- mechanisms or screws. You can then plug the unit back in and test it to see if it’s working as it should.

And that’s it! You should be back to enjoying the safety and comfort of a clean air supply with these few quick, easy, do-it-yourself steps.

Author: Comfy Home Corner